About Goloo

Helle and Izac Ron are the inventors and the founders behind Goloo. Izac is a mechanical engineer, and Helle is a dentist.

Goloo bedpan

Personal experience led Helle and Izac to the development of the Goloo bedpan.

A few years back a close family member was diagnosed with cancer. During the terminal phase, she was cared for at home by Helle and the rest of the family. They experienced how difficult the intimate care of a family member can be - both for the user and the caregiver. The family member underwent great pain in order to get from the bed to the commode chair.

For users and carers

This illness got Helle to consider whether this situation could be better addressed - for both users and caregivers. Therefore Helle and Izac Ron developed the Goloo disposable bedpan. They developed a prototype and tested the bedpan in the Hospital of Vejle in Denmark. This led them to the products developed by Goloo - user-friendly, discreet and hygienic alternatives to traditional steel or plastic bedpans.

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